Monthly rentals furnished apartments in Barcelona

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Arts Apartments offers rentals furnished apartments ​​with very competitive prices.

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Apartments in la Barceloneta and Nou Barris neighborhoods.

Contract period

7 years

Without contract

processing costs

1 month of


What do you need to rent?

  • Wage earners:
    • indefinite employment contract, passed the probationary period or any other type of employment contract older than one year
  • Self-employed:
    • seniority of at least one year of high of freelance in the same activity
  • In the case of students without income:
    • The economic requirements of the guarantors will be studied
  • In the case of retirees / disability:
    • the income of the pension will be taken into account
For all previous cases:
  • The annual rental income may not exceed 40% of the renter's annual net income
  • For tenants who do not meet the previous requirements, the existence of more than one valuer and / or joint tenant will be valued
  • No incident of previous defaults

In all cases, you must provide the following documentation to verify the requirements previously requested:

  • In the case of self-employed:
    • Register as freelance
    • Certificate of the last VAT / IRPF payment
  • In the case of wage earners:
    • Register as autonomous
    • Certificate of the last VAT / IRPF payment
  • In the case of retirees and / or pensioners:
    • Annual certificate of retirement / disability pension
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