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Monthly rentals of fully furnished apartments in Barcelona

Terms and conditions of the apartments in Barcelona of Arts Apartments


• If the fully prepaid booking of one of our apartments in Barcelona is cancelled, the cancellation charge will vary depending on how many days in advance the cancellation has been done in regard to the scheduled arrival: If the booking is canceled 15 or more days prior to the arrival date, we will refund 100% of the paid amount, but if the cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to the arrival, the amount will be refunded discounting the cost of the first night. In case of circumstances beyond the control of the customer or force majeure, the percentages indicated above shall apply.

• If the customer changes the dates of the booking, this will be treated as a new booking and the cancellation terms shall apply.

• If Arts Apartments, for justified reasons, cannot offer the customer the booked apartment in La Barceloneta, Arts Apartments will have the right to place the customer in another apartment in La Barceloneta with similar characteristics.

• If an agreement is not reached, the both contracting parties have the right to cancel the contract. In this case, Arts Apartments will refund the customer all payments (except for the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, if this was the case). Arts Apartments shall not bear responsibility for any further claims or requests by the customer.

• Taking out a travel insurance is highly recommended.

In case of cancellation, including force majeure, the cancellation conditions clearly laid down herein shall apply.


Bookings and deposits

The customer must pay a security deposit of 200 Euros depending on the selected apartment. For long term rentals, the amount can vary. Please see the amount requested for each apartment in our website.

The deposit shall be paid upon arrival at the apartment in Barcelona. This will be refunded at the departure, once the owner has checked that the apartment is in the same condition as it was delivered.

The prepayment of 25% of the booking should be made via credit card or Paypal. The remaining amount shall be paid at arrival by cash or credit card. The booking will only be confirmed when Arts Apartments has received the pre-payment amount and you have received a confirmation via email from Arts Apartments.


• When Arts Apartments confirms the apartment availability, the customer must prepay 25% of the total reservation by credit card.

• The remaining 75% must be paid by cash or card on arrival at the apartment.


See the Booking section on this page.


See the Booking section on this page.


The day of your arrival, the apartment will be available from 15:00. If, for any reason, you are planning to arrive earlier, please inform us and we will try to accommodate you before that time. Please note that arrivals after 21:00 have an additional cost of 30 €.


Unless Apartments Arts and the client have the customer come to another agreement in writing, the customer and all guests must vacate the apartment before 11:00 am on the stipulated day. If you need to leave later, inform us prior to your arrival and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.


The apartment will be cleaned before the arrival of each customer. The day of departure, the customer must leave the apartment in a reasonable condition.

If desired, Arts Apartments offers an additional cleaning service, for which they will be charged during their stay.

Number and identity of the customers

The customer must inform Arts Apartments about the number of guests in the booking. If it has not been agreed otherwise with Arts Apartments, only the number of guests indicated in the confirmation of the booking are entitled to stay at the accommodation. Each apartment is assigned and provided with a maximum number of guests that cannot be exceeded, except in the case of children under 2 years.

Pets are not allowed.

In case of any violation of the obligations mentioned in this section, Arts Apartments reserves the right to vacate the apartment, and the customer shall not be entitled to any financial compensation.


The customer signing the contract is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of all the guests. If this person or any of the companions do not behave appropriately and responsibly, Arts Apartments reserves the right to request the customer and the guests to immediately vacate the apartment without being entitled to any compensation.

Please note that our Terms of Use clearly specifies that any disturbance caused by loud music, any kind of noise or parties is strictly prohibited. Those guests staying in an apartment of Arts Apartments should know that in case of complaints by neighbors regarding loud music or parties in the property, or if it has been necessary to call the police, Arts Apartments will vacate that apartment immediately, at any time during the day or the night. In this case, the customer shall not be entitled to the refund of the deposit or the rent pre-payment due to damage. Note also that when renting a property with Arts Apartments it is understood that the Terms of Use are accepted, and it is expected that they are followed at all times. You will be required to sign these terms upon your arrival.

The rest hours are from 22:00 to 10:00.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you will understand that these guidelines are necessary as all our properties are located in residential buildings, which implies the need to respect the rest of other neighbors.


Neither the owner nor Apartments Arts shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a result of the use of the apartment, including without limitation: damages, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behavior.

In case of any violation of the aforementioned obligations, Arts Apartments at its sole discretion reserves the right to ask the customer to vacate the apartment and the customer shall not be entitled to any compensation.

Our website

All the descriptions and information shall apply to all published apartments. While Arts Apartments makes every effort at accuracy and checks details when possible, Arts Apartments shall not be liable for any errors or omissions that may arise. Arts Apartments also reserves the right to change at any time information published on the website as prices, descriptions and photos. Arts Apartments makes no warranty or representation about the fitness or suitability of any product or service advertised on its web site.

Arts Apartments reserves the right to update any of its terms of use at any time if it is required, according to the company's business.

Users are responsible for ensuring the validity of the terms and conditions contained in this page. The mere use of the services of this website implies agreement and acceptance of these terms and conditions and future changes prior to your stay in the villas.

These conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the user.

House Rules

We expect you as a customer to respect the house rules that correspond to the apartment and the neighborhood. The apartment should not be used as a place for parties, but as a place to sleep, eat, relax, etc.. Please read the rules carefully to avoid any problems. Our main objective is that the customer has a good experience at his/her stay in Barcelona.

Please do not smoke in the apartment. Smoke on the balcony, if there is one, or otherwise outside, and do not throw cigarette butts on the street or courtyard.

Please respect the neighborhood - there are people that have to work and get up early every day - so respect the level of noise on the stairs and inside the apartment. Parties are not allowed.

Quiet hours:
Monday to Friday from 22:00 to 9:00
Saturday to Sunday 22:00 to 10:00.

Please turn off the air conditioning and lights when you go out of the apartment. We try to keep prices low and we would like to save energy.

Advice for you: Make sure you have locked the door when you leave the apartment. Check that the building door is properly closed after going out. Take with you only what you need for the day, since there are pickpockets in many tourist areas.

Do not leave trash in the apartment the day of departure. You can throw it in the rubbish bins every night between 20:00 and 22:00 and it will be collected.

Please note that when you leave the apartment, you must depart before 11:00 so we can clean the apartment between 11:00 and 15:00 for the next customers.

Inform us if you need to leave the apartment later.


Once the booking of your rental apartment in Barcelona is done, ​​you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

In this email Arts Apartments includes all necessary information for your arrival at Barcelona:

• The location and address of the apartment.
• The telephone number of the responsible of Arts Apartments so you can call them and confirm your arrival at Barcelona.

Please reply as soon as possible and inform us about your arrival time in Barcelona, ​​so we can meet you at the apartment with the keys, etc.

If there have been any changes regarding your arrival, you may also call us on the phone number provided in the confirmation email. Arrivals after 21:00 have an additional cost of 30 €.


Once Arts Apartments confirms the apartment availability, the customer must prepay 25% of the total reservation by credit card. You can access this pre-payment directly from here, through Paypal.

The remaining 75% must be paid by cash or card on arrival at the apartment.

When payment of the booking has been confirmed, Arts Apartments will provide you with your booking number, which shall be used as identification in every communication with us.

5. Bookings

  • Step 1. Check the availability

    • By using the availability calendar of Arts Apartments you will know quickly which apartments are available for your dates. Select the day of arrival and departure, the number of guests, or any other request and the area where you want to stay and your list of apartments will be displayed to proceed with the booking.

    • You can also directly select any apartment, and check its calendar for the dates when it is available.

  • Step 2. Calculate the price

    • Once you have determined the dates and the apartment you want to book, proceed by clicking "Booking".

    • Check on the next page that the dates and number of guests are correct. Please inform us if you come with infants so we can supply a cradle. Click “Next".

    • Indicate if you require a cradle or additional cleaning and click "Calculate" to get the total price of the booking.

    • If the price is correct, click "Next" to proceed with the booking.

  • Step 3. Booking

    • Firstly fill in the online booking form, the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Confirm and proceed to make the payment.

    • The booking must be confirmed at the moment, once the 25% is paid. The lease agreement must be signed at the time of arrival at the apartment of Arts Apartments in Barcelona.

    Remember that the minimum stay is three days.

  • Step 4. Pay

    ​​The prepayment of 25% of the total booking is made upon confirmation of availability of the apartment. You can pay this amount by credit card via our secure form or through Paypal. If you send your data via the web, all information will be transferred through a firewall to ensure the privacy of your data.

    Prepayment is required to complete your booking. The remaining 75% must be paid by cash or card upon arrival at the apartment.

    Important note: The booking will be valid when we have charged 25% on your card and you have received our confirmation.

    Upon receipt of authorization from your credit card, we will send you the confirmation of your booking along with some information about the arrival, departure and the house rules.

    Please note that the prepayment of 25% of the total booking amount will be refunded in case of cancellation if conditions of the cancellation policy are met.

  • Step 5. Please read our Terms of Use

    Please carefully read all the Terms of Use relating to your stay in our apartments, as confirmations and bookings are made according to these terms.


Arrival and departure from your rental apartment in Barcelona:

You will find an employee of Arts Apartments, who will be your contact person for information. This person will explain you how everything works in the apartment and will answer any questions you may have.

  • 1. Along with the confirmation of your booking, Arts Apartments will send you an email containing all necessary information for your arrival at Barcelona:

    • The location and address of the apartment.
    • The telephone number of the responsible party of Arts Apartments so you can call them and confirm your arrival at Barcelona.

  • 2. Please reply as soon as possible and inform us about your arrival time in Barcelona, ​​so the Arts Apartments agent can meet you at the apartment with the keys, etc.

  • 3. Please contact us via email or call the number provided in the email, to confirm the time of arrival at the apartment. Call us when you are reaching Barcelona if you come by car, or just before leaving the airport if you come by plane. As you know, many planes are delayed and this way we can avoid unnecessary delays. Arrivals after 21:00 have an additional cost of 30 €.

  • 4. When you reach the apartment, the agent of Arts Apartments will give you:

    • The keys of the apartment you rented in Barcelona.
    • A tour of the apartment.
    • Instructions on how to use the appliances in the apartment, such as air conditioning, washing machine, cooker etc.
    • Explanations of specific points in the neighborhood, like the nearest supermarket, subway directions, garbage pickup and other general information of the area.
    • The Arts Apartments agent shall collect the remaining amount of the payment and security deposit by cash or credit card.

  • 5. During your stay at the apartment, please contact Arts Apartments immediately if you see something in poor condition, if something is missing, or if you break something by accident, so we can resolve the problem. We want you to enjoy your stay and not to be inconvenienced by something that can be fixed or replaced.

  • 6. Please contact us during our office hours for any information, directions if you are lost, or simply if you have any questions about the apartment.

  • 7. Departure should be before 11:00. If you need to leave later, inform us prior to your arrival and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes (as long as the next arrival is not on the same day). An employee of Arts Apartments will be in the apartment at the agreed time to collect the apartment keys and return the deposit, discounting the costs for any damage done, if any.

  • 8. If you inform us in advance, we can book a taxi, if you wish, for you departure from the apartment.

7. Conditions for children and extra beds

- Children: (4 -17 years old)
Children aged 4 -17 must pay the same amount as an adult. At least one of the people included in the booking should be an adult who must accompany and be responsible for them during their stay at the apartment.

- Infants: (under 4 years old)
There is no extra charge for infants. All apartments of Arts Apartments have cradles available, so please request it at time of booking.

Legal Register

ARTS APARTMENTS is a registered name by Arts Apartments SL name recorded in the Trade Register of Barcelona with address Baluard 6 Baixos Barcelona 08003, Spain with VAT number B-64096787.